BMW Keys Lost or Replacement Car Keys

New BMW keys: Must be ordered to the vehicle chassis from the dealer.

When you receive the keys they will start the car as they are already pre-coded. However the remotes will require programming.

Once the 10 key limits have been reached, the addition of any further keys is prohibited and the ECU will have to be replaced.

New Programmed Key – The first time a newly programmed key is used to start the vehicle, there will be 1-2 second delay. After this initial period the vehicle will start without delay as normal.

Remotes – Make a note of which memory locations are being used as this will be important when programming in new remotes.

Existing remotes are normally programmed in the first two memory locations.

If you program a remote into a memory location that is already used, the existing remote in this location will be overwritten. If this happens the only way to re-program the original remote is by having the original bar code information and the following program remote procedure.


Do not buy second-hand BMW car keys from eBay or scrap yards as these keys cannot be programmed into another car. Each key has a transponder chip which can only be coded once after which it is locked out. If you have any doubts call Key to My Car and we will be happy to go over all your options.